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Experience matters when it comes to your health. Our team of radiation oncologists, physicists, therapists, and healthcare professionals at Louisville CyberKnife ensures top-quality care for patients with benign or malignant tumors and other conditions.

Located conveniently at the Brown Cancer Center, we prioritize compassionate care and utilize cutting-edge technology to advance radiation medicine. With the city’s first nationally accredited radiation oncology program, accessible location, and empathetic staff, we’re committed to helping you navigate your medical journey with confidence and a friendly smile.

Discover why Louisville CyberKnife is your #1 choice for advanced cancer treatment options right here in Kentucky.

LouisVille CyberKnife is an ACR (American College of Radiologists) Radiation Oncology accredited facility.

Why Choose Us for Your Care

Precise Treatment, Expertise, and Support

Advanced Radiation Therapy

The CyberKnife technology, which is only available in Louisville at the Brown Cancer Center, provides an effective alternative to surgery.

Expert Team of Specialists

Our medical team possess extensive expertise in their respective fields, backed by years of specialized training and practical experience in oncology.

Personalized Care

We take a patient-centered approach to providing care, designing treatment plans tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each individual.

Second Opinion Services

Explore all treatment options

Facing a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Louisville CyberKnife understands. That’s why we offer comprehensive second opinion services.

Our team of specialists will review your diagnosis, treatment plan, and medical history to provide a fresh perspective. We’ll discuss all your options, including the potential benefits of the CyberKnife technology.

Knowledge is power. Get in touch to explore all possibilities with Louisville CyberKnife.


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